MAY - The Month Of The Getaways (Stay-cays and Catching Up Too)

Posted on May 03 2024


It’s the month you’ve been waiting for. Not only is the sun more of a resident than an occasional guest, it’s also the month that we have not one, but two glorious Bank Holiday weekends to enjoy.


So what to do with these two extra Mondays? If you’re planning a get-away, you’ll find inspo from us on what to pack, activewear is essential of course! We will be diving into what’s in our bag, the essentials to pack if you’re planning to hike/run/explore your destination of choice, as well as our favourite transitional pieces to elevate your workout wardrobe.


Will you use the time to catch up on house/life admin? Our Chill Time Set is the perfect set to keep cosy and comfortable whilst you tackle the to-do list. These extra days are a gift, how can you use them to your advantage?


Perhaps you’ve got a stay-cation planned, exploring your home city and visiting places you’ve been saying you would since you moved in way back when. SW London and Surrey are home for us, we will certainly be out with the dogs, finding new routes, views and coffee stops! Dream Spin Leggings have us covered incase there is a downpour, who wants to trudge around in soggy jeans should the worst happen?!


You might be inspired by the recent London Marathon, in fact, almost 1 MILLION people entered the ballot for 2025, so chances are, you or someone you know entered to be in with a chance of a place! Spring/Summer is such a great time to get inspired to run outdoors, use the momentum, start where you are and run the mile you are in. We love Runna Coach for bespoke training plans, whether it’s 5k,10k, half marathons, full marathons and beyond, there’s a plan for you.


It’s bank holiday time, it’s two windows of precious time to shape however you choose.

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