Loving your past, present and future self <3

Posted on February 13 2022


We couldn’t let Valentines fall upon us without a little reminder to send some of that love inwards. This particular holiday is all about romance and friendship, but what about focussing on truly falling in love with the past, present and future you?


Past you

Think of her you would a best friend, who did the best they could with the knowledge they had at the time. We cannot live our lives backwards, and although there may be elements of our pasts we aren’t in love with, we can send grace and humility to the person we were before, honouring their efforts and perhaps easing up on judging them.


Present you

It’s high time we celebrated the you of today. The you that shows up, personally and professionally. Working on a fitness challenge? Looking to tick some things off your list? Start with celebrating all that you are currently able to do. That’s not to say we settle or get complacent, but reframing our minds to acknowledge and appreciate what our minds and bodies do for us every day brings us a step closer to self love.


Future you

You’ve made it through every tough day of your life so far, the future will be nothing you can’t handle. Treat her with kindness, compassion and patience. You are your own biggest hype-woman. Remembering that it is the small decisions we make today that ultimately become our future accomplishments. The future starts now.

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