Love the planet - 3 tips when choosing activewear

Posted on February 27 2022

There is so much unknown behind words like, eco, ethical, fair-trade, sustainable. They have become synonymous with other words such as inclusive, diverse. Wanting to be known for being ethical and eco-conscious and actually being ethical and eco-conscious are very different things.  It can be hard to know what to really look for, where the red flags are, and to not get sucked in by greenwashing - defined by conveying a false impression about how a product is created, using misleading or confusing information to make the company appear to be ‘doing good the planet. We are by no means perfect, but as a small brand we endeavour to consider the following checklist, 3 things to consider when making your next activewear purchase.


Care from beginning to end of production?


Is the company using a responsible, safe and well regulated factory that takes good care of its employees? It’s easy to get dazzled by super-low prices, but very often it’s down to the lack of care in the beginning of a garment’s life that contributes to such a low price point. Namely, the people making the garment are unfairly paid, overworked and very often not taken of. Do the company talk about their production process? The product itself can be as ‘sustainable’ as they say, but if it’s being made in poor conditions, any good being done for the planet is reconciled by bad being done for workers.


Is the production process kind to the planet?


Sustainability is hot right now, with many high street names releasing new collections that are supposedly better for the planet. To raise awareness for a problem that deserves our attention is never a bad thing, however it can be taken advantage of when considering the validity of a brand’s claims to be ‘eco’ or stock products deemed so. The fashion industry is responsible for one tenth of the entire world’s water consumption, across all industries. Think of how many industries there are, and that a tenth looks like 93 billion cubic meters of water, every single year. At ILU, we considered our carbon footprint, and instead of being tempted by low-costs in factories further afield, we chose Portugal for its proximity and impact in transit to us here in the UK.


Price - is it too low to be sustainable?


Following on from the above, we firmly believe that quality of care and of product are equally as important. In order to produce activewear that we are proud of, we chose a responsible factory in Portugal that produces beautiful garments that are functional, feminine and flattering. We base our prices on a fair production process, quality fabrics and finishes, which we believe is reflected in the feedback we receive from customers still using leggings purchased 5+ years ago. We’ve designed to last, making ILU Fitwear a great investment for your future workouts! You deserve quality activewear that lasts, is conscious of its impact, production process and user experience, and never dreams of ending up anywhere other than your wardrobe.

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