It's a Cool Girl Summer

Posted on July 09 2024



July is all about the Cool Girl Summer. Think dopamine dressing for ultimate chill, mindful nights > big nights out, and workout dates aplenty.


There’s been a huge shift in the way people want to spend their time together, how they connect and build friendships, relationships and the crucial relationship to self has been put under the spotlight. From FOMO (fear of missing out) to JOMO (joy of missing out), we have some ideas that explore why more and more women are drawn to simplifying and enriching their lives with nourishing content, inspo, and interactions.


Playing it cool

‘I don’t chase, I attract’.

Applicable to work, friendships, romance, opportunities this is manifesting 101. The idea of placing your trust in the universe also requires decision making that aligns with your goals. It requires patience, which in our dopamine chasing culture can be tough to stick with, sit with, and accept. Our interpretation? If in doubt, play it cool. Trust what is meant for you is on its way, all you can control is your here and now, so ask yourself when faced with the smallest of decisions (they all add up) - ‘does this get me closer to my goal?’.


Keeping it cool

Down regulation is essential for preventing burnout, very often experienced in the giddy heights of summer, when you typically have All The Plans. More travel, more social plans, more energy for projects, this season demands a lot from us. Tapping regularly into your parasympathetic nervous system is a must, so for us, movement of some form daily is an absolute must for staying grounded. Let everything settle with a good yoga class, breathwork exercises, gentle cardio or walk in nature. It’s a way for you to check in with your body, connect to your breath and process all the highs and lows of Summer.


But does it nourish?

Much like Marie Kondo’s ‘Does it spark joy?’ question to help people to choose what they need in their life, we suggest ‘does it nourish?’ when choosing everything from your breakfast, weekend plans, podcast for your morning commute, skincare, you name it! Nourishment includes all that we consume, with our eyes, ears, nose, touch AND taste. Simplifying and enjoying one thing at a time is a super-mindful way of appreciating each decision, guiding you to better choices through the rest of your day, whilst honouring your needs and goals.


Cool Girl Summer Essentials

Nespresso’s Vivida Coffee pods we simply couldn’t be without. Your morning coffee made even more essential with an infusion of Vitamin B12 to support your immune system.

Climbing into our Sunrise Leggings for that pre-work workout is the kind of dopamine dressing we enjoy the most. Power up your morning routine and twin with the sunrise (get up time optional!).


Trip’s Mindful Blends really are the perfect refreshing and delicious alternative to an evening glass of wine. Using nature’s botanicals for the ultimate chill, setting up for a great night’s sleep thanks to the Magnesium, Ashwaganda, Lion’s Mane and L-Theanine.


Climb into cosy with our Chill Time Culottes, perfect for your end of day (but not quite PJs ready) outfit. High waisted, wide legs which you can cut to your preferred length, these are perfect for cosying up when the sun goes down.


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