#inILU explained

Posted on June 26 2022


If you’ve followed us on Instagram and Facebook, you may have seen our ambassadors posting #inILU so we wanted to dive into how this hashtag came about, what we hope to achieve with it and how it forms part of our identity online.


We want you to feel part of a community. Every time you choose ILU, when you share that whether online or IRL, you are instantly connected to like-minded women on the search for feminine, flattering and functional activewear.


We want you to feel empowered. By our range of designs for whichever activity you choose, you deserve to feel supported and represented. Our recent Go With The Flow collection aims to empower women with reduced mobility and dexterity (as well as providing a solution for all that’s that little bit easier to get on!)


We want you to feel confident. In the quality of what you’re buying, in the reliability of the fabrics, and the flattering elements that make each look also work on a functional level.


We want you to feel yourself. Expressed however you choose, for the workouts, coffee and school runs, dog walks and errands. We have lovingly designed our pieces to bring a combination of the very best look and feel, without compromising on a single element throughout the process. 


Share your favourite looks featuring ILU Fitwear by using the #inILU and we will see all your styling magic!

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