Inclusivity in Fitness Foundership - with Angie Bell

Posted on March 22 2024

There are some women who, with their drive and qualities, make sense as a motivator, coach and all-round supporter of Inclusivity in women's fitness. Angie Bell is one of them. Here we chat to Angie, who founded StudioBelle, her very own fitness studio in Warminster, about the work that goes into female foundership, the possible barriers and welcoming  (or not so!) space carved out for female fitness founders.

How did you start and what inspired you to want to train women and girls?

A: When I first started 11 years ago I was the only local female Personal Trainer. I wanted to show women that they could push the boundaries of what fitness looked like, I wanted to show them that hours of cardio and a restrictive diet wasn't the best way, that eating nutritiously, by utilising strength training, by believing in themselves they could build new habits that could and should last a lifetime.


Did you see any lack of accessibility in your local community and online?

A: For women absolutely, women saw me (always on social media me) lifting weights and changing my body shape and composition and they started asking questions, wanted to learn more and then they came and joined in and haven't looked back. Online blew up for me during covid, and to this date I still have a large number of ladies who train with me every month online, I don't think I could ever be without them, we've been through a lot together over those years and I appreciate them as much they do me.


Were there any barriers you had to overcome to build the brand and blossoming community you have today?

A: Yes lots, covid was tough on small businesses and instead of letting it take my business, I adapted it and needed desperately to stay in touch with customers. It probably got me through those tough months and years of during and post covid, it saved the studio from going under and allowed other instructors to continue earning money. There's always barriers in your way, but it's choosing to change and climb over or sometimes under them to get to the other side, we don't always get it right but as long as we get through, that's what matters.


How has the fitness scene changed/or not changed since you opened your studio?

Massively, the main aspect would be reduced numbers vs the old days, the studio has a massive emphasis on strength training and we have so many classes now that encompass weights, be it kettlebells, barbells or dumbells we love lifting heavy and staying strong, physically and mentally.


Finally, what do you wish for the fitness community both in person and online in the coming years?

That we keep shouting loud about body positivity, we shouldn't just workout to lose weight, mental health is a pandemic in itself and we should all workout to release the stress, anxiety, pressure and to feel good. It's not about losing weight, it's about finding yourself and finding what floats your boat (fitness wise) no one shoe fits all, find what you love, in a place with people you love doing it with and you're always winning at fitness.

Workout for you 🤍


Train with Angie at StudioBelle all abilities are welcome and will find a supportive community led by Angie, all are encouraged to explore their unique potential and goals!

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