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Posted on March 28 2024


This past month, we’ve taken a look at Inclusivity and how it applies to our world, our community both online and IRL. Each week we have taken a deeper dive into different industries and we’ve heard from our guest contributors about their lived experience. So far, Yoga, Fitness Foundership, Sport, and this week, Adaptivewear.


Our experience of pivoting to become an Inclusively Adaptive brand has been eye-opening, super-creative, innovative with a healthy dose of realism and feedback in the mix. We have asked the questions, tried and tested, developed an offering that pledges going forward that anything new that ILU  releases will be - either by thoughtful design or with built in features - easier to get on/off.


We believe that Beautiful Activewear Includes Adaptive, that women should have the same selection to choose from, opportunities and encouragement to move their bodies, regardless of abilities and backgrounds. We want our Adaptive designs to proudly sit alongside their Regular/Twin version, often taking our best-selling regular styles and adapting them for more ease and accessibility.


We’ve seen activewear that you need to wrestle in and out of, that repel women away from moving because they don’t feel represented by their activewear selection at a price point that makes sense for them. It seems counterintuitive to encourage women suffering with chronic illness, disability or lessened mobility/dexterity to move more, but not to offer these underserved women the kind of activewear that meets their needs.

You can shop our Adaptive Friendly category and discover solutions that can empower you or a woman you love to keep moving in beautiful activewear made easier.


It’s encouraging to see that friend of ILU and brilliant Yoga Therapist, Lorna Fisher, has done a great deal of research, teaching and sharing her passion for movement for those navigating Early Onset Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s Disease. Her drive is to make an impact on this community with her knowledge and expertise in delivering classes that specifically supports students with neurological conditions. We asked her for her thoughts on encouraging movement with empowering activewear.


“Studies have shown the benefits of exercise, dance, yoga and movement for those with Parkinson’s Disease with particular regard to functional mobility, cognition, social support, reducing depression and improving overall quality of life. I was delighted to discover that ILU as a brand makes adaptive clothes, for example with easier to hold zips, making gorgeous and fun active wear more accessible to those with mobility and strength impairments.”.


Be sure to follow Lorna here for one to one or small group therapy sessions.



Autumn Equinox with Lorna

Finding Balance with the Koshas

When: 21st September 1.30-4pm 

Where: Globe House Yoga, London Bridge

Join her for a vinyasa workshop which focuses on balance and grounding via an exploration of the five koshas providing a lens through which to view our whole selves at this interesting time of year.

Equinox refers to a time when day and night are of equal length. An opportunity to honour the balance and interaction of light and dark, express gratitude for the changes that come with the passing of time, and to reflect on what we would like to let go of, as we enter a period of rest following the busy summer months settling into a new equilibrium.

 You can book here

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