#ILUFITWEAR explained

Posted on June 19 2022


If you’re new around here, have followed us lately on social and found this blog via Insta, hello and welcome!


We wanted to introduce ourselves for the new lovely faces we have looking at our blog and social feeds, to let you know a little about us, our dreams for our brand and our intentions that go into making Ilu Fitwear what it is today. 


We make beautiful activewear for real life, for women who want their activewear to last and last, wash after wash, whilst upholding three basic requirements :


  • Flattering
  • Feminine
  • Functional


All designed in the UK and produced ethically, slowly and responsibly in our factories in Portugal. We strongly feel that clothing should be thoughtfully made at every stage of the process, which is a value we hold close to every design and manufacture. No green washing here, we are a mindful brand with aspirations to bring quality and sustainability to the market.


With much of our community events on hold during the pandemic, we really missed the buzz of events, networking in the fitness community in the UK and spreading the word about our brand. Now that events are back in action, we cannot wait to meet more people IRL!


We recently have developed a collection that is by nature Inclusively Adaptive. This means to us that the activewear we produce is designed for your ease in getting in and out of your activewear, solutions based activewear for those with dexterity or mobility issues.


We want all women to feel represented and designed for. With 25% of the UK population being registered with a visible or invisible disability, we feel so strongly that activewear should not exclude those that want to keep moving, express themselves with their #workoutwardrobe and to feel held in the fitness community.


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