Posted on November 25 2022

colour friday

After a week of championing #colourfriday it is finally here. Shopping mindfully for people you love, or treating yourself with your hard-earned money, how much better does that feel? Knowing you are supporting #campaginshopindependent and all small businesses has a feel-good factor, is kinder to our planet and prompts the big brands to improve their production and practices.


We’ve dived into the positives of shopping slow fashion, and starting the conversation on this has been affirming for all we create here at ILU Fitwear. Colour Friday is so aligned with all that we stand for, conscious production from start to finish.


Because ultimately, we design for longevity, not landfill. With the staggering statistic that 2 tonnes of clothing are purchased DAILY in the UK alone, the vast majority of this supports the fast fashion industry that has been exposed time and time again for it’s impact on the planet, and, at the source of production, the reality of abused human rights.


The conversation is becoming louder, and slow fashion has never been cooler or more essential. Shopping independent, shopping preloved (as championed significantly by Love Island this year) is changing shopping habits and consumer demand, which has been inspirational to see. Making consumers shop more mindfully, to consider the quality and value in shopping from small brands is something we can appreciate and get behind.


The beauty in running a small brand is standing strong in our non-negotiable quality of design, responsible production, and mindfulness of the journey to us in the UK from Portugal. We care about every single sale and customer, each time they choose to shop independent and support our mission of offering functional, feminine and flattering activewear.


By taking a stand against Black Friday and instead celebrating the independent, responsible and conscientious brands that want to see change in their industries, it’s never been a better time to support small.


Thank you, Holly+Co for running this incredible #colourfriday and all it stands for.

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