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Posted on December 19 2021

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Hello! Social and Marketing Manager Naomi here, with my favourite non-fiction books of this year (in no particular order!). Prioritising a little reading each day has been such an anchor throughout what has been a bonkers 2021. If, like me, you thought you didn’t have enough time to read and relax, know this: ‘A 2009 study at the University of Sussex found that reading can reduce stress by up to 68%’ So not only are you learning, developing and being inspired, reading actually does great things for your stress levels too. Here’s a few of my most treasured reads this year...

Power Hour - Adrienne Herbert

‘We prioritise how we want to feel NOW over how we want to feel in the FUTURE’.

Beginning with mindset, building powerful habits and tapping into all the elements that contribute towards an intentional, purpose-filled existence. This book was the way that 2021 began, and the ripple effects have been felt throughout my day-to-day ever since. It sounds so easy doesn’t it? ‘Just wake up earlier’. The best intentions are set the night before and very quickly de-prioritised when the alarm goes off the following morning. But believe me, after a week or so of the battle between snoozing and starting with a Power Hour, it quickly feels like an indulgence as opposed to a struggle.

You can buy it here > 


Speak Your Truth - Fearne Cotton

‘Remembering we are OK whether we are reaching our goals or not, the most popular person in our group or not, on top of all the chores or not, coping with life or not, means we can connect to self-love, moo matter where we are at in life’.

This felt like a coffee and a pep talk with a best friend. Fearne is so vulnerable, honest and inquisitive throughout this book, she opens up about her own experience with feeling and being heard (or not as the case often is), with gentle reminders to check when we are not being listened to, how to improve this for your wellbeing, self esteem and confidence.

So many takeaways from this beautiful book!

You can buy it here >  


Working Hard, Hardly Working - Grace Beverley


‘Make yourself irreplaceable, then enjoy knowing you’re irreplaceable’.

A true entrepeanur, brand powerhouse and influencer to over 1 million followers, Grace Beverley wrote one of our favourite business/self help books to date. Because it’s packed full of business advice, productivity tips and practical advice that actually resonates. Cutting through jargon, speaking from experience and with humility, this was a breath of fresh air during the uncertain summer we had in the UK.

A huge reminder to understand exactly the value you add to your team, community, family or business, this book was perfectly timed and one for those who love to highlight or copy sections into reminders, ready to refer back to when faced with challenges.


You can buy it here >

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