If January is tough (so are you)

Posted on January 13 2023

if january is tough (so are you)

Listen, you’re half way through arguably the toughest and loudest month of the year. January is often where scarcity and uncertainty rule the roost, after an indulgent Christmas it’s so common to have a critical view of our habits and lifestyle, bodies and self image.

If you’re struggling with that 30 day streak, whether it’s Veganuary, Dry January, or the countless workout and fitness challenges available, you are not alone. Feel the pressure to be smashing it out of the park and making those #gainz ? You are not alone. Ease off on that pressure, and channel your inner critic to instead look ahead to what joy and excitement is ahead in 2023, seeing movement or lifestyle changes as something you ‘get to do’ not ‘have to do’.

As Alex Light’s brilliant book title encourages us ‘You Are Not a Before Picture’, Sneak some self love in to your morning routine. Maybe leave notes for yourself around your home that encourage you in low moments of self esteem and self doubt. Eg ‘I can, I will’. ‘I am stronger than my battles’, ‘I know my worth’.

You deserve to take up space, and having fitness and wellbeing goals are certainly add a really positive focus to daily life. Just don’t let it become so big that you forget to enjoy your day-to-day.

January is tough, but so are you.

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