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Hot new trends in the world of fitness and wellbeing

Posted on August 18 2018

If you want to try something new, check out these hot new trends in the world of fitness and wellbeing, they're sure to boost your motivation and get you in the mood to work out.

We're not saying summer's over yet (promise) but there is a back-to-school vibe in the air and we're not complaining. Whether you're into hard and fast sessions like spinning, or you prefer more meditative pursuits these hot new trends in the world of fitness and wellbeing are exciting!

  1. The new spinning
    Yep, you heard us! Offering a high intensity, low-impact workout, spinning is up there with the most popular workouts of all time but now there's a new kid on the block... rowing. Rowing uses a whopping 85% of your body's muscles and is another great low-impact session offering amazing fat-burning results. Brand new rowing-only gyms like Grow in London's Soho and The Engine Room in Camden (which is set to open next month) are popping up, and boutique gym favourites like Frame and GymBox have released rowing-focussed classes, too.
  2. Meditation just got easier!
    We all know wellness is having a serious moment, it's gone from fad to permanent fix: there's festivals dedicated to it and you can now even get a mani with your meditation in NYC. Our total obsession with wellness may have hit its peak with the introduction of the UK's first drop-in meditation studio and meditation pods, yes pods! Inhere Meditation Studio in central London opens this autumn.
  3. Time to go low
    High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been the fitness of the moment for a long time, offering speedy results in no time at all but now Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) is having its time in the spotlight. LISS, as the name suggests, is low intensity steady state exercises like walking, swimming or cycling performed at a relaxed level. A LISS workout will take longer than your normal HIIT session but will reap serious fat-burning results. LISS is ideal if you're recovering from an injury, have more time to work out or justprefer to take things at a steadier pace.
  4. Live and On-demand workouts are hotting up
    Can't get to the gym, fear not, live and on-demand (OD) workouts are finally ready! Peloton, the States biggest at-home cycling brand are launching its at-home spinning bikes in the UK next month. These £1,995 bikes (plus £39.50 per month for unlimited subscription) allow you to dial into spin classes remotely via the in-built screen; with 14 live classes a day, and 8,000 on-demand workouts available, hitting your fitness targets from the comfort of your own home just got a lot easier!If spin's not your thing, then try the latest addition to the ClassPass family, ClassPass GO.  You can start an audio workout class taught by the industry’s best trainers and get coached in running, cycling, yoga, strength and more, all from your phone, for free. ClassPass GO is free with your monthly ClassPass subscription.

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