Harness the power of the early morning

Posted on November 04 2022

harness the power of the early morning

The mornings are shrouded in darkness, the temperature has dropped just a little and it can seem a lot more appealing to hit snooze and stay in bed until the last possible moment. But what if you have goals you keep talking about, challenges you want to complete,  or simply craving more you time? Here’s how to harness the early morning, to discover the magic of being awake before the world.


A good morning routine starts the night before.

We can all have good intentions for our morning, planning that early workout or meditation, but how to carry that through to said morning? Make it even more tempting when the alarm goes off by planning your morning coffee or breakfast, so that something lovely is waiting for you when you wake up, as an extra motivator to get up and moving.


Reframe those early hours as a window of opportunity.

Your goals are important, for your sense of well-being, your aspirations and your accomplishment. Beginning the day by edging closer to your goals sets you up for a fulfilled day ahead. Relish in the early hours and reward yourself with the sunrise. An hour or less of dedicated time decided for by YOU. Deciding this is worth getting to bed earlier for is the key to harnessing the benefits of the early morning.


Nourish your mind, body soul.

Waking up earlier is tough before a habit is formed. Seeing this precious time as nourishing in whichever way you need is all about taking an intuitive approach to your health and goals. The ultimate self-care is making progress in the direction of how you want to feel, whether that’s fitter, stronger, accomplished, successful, fulfilled, inspired, or whatever you choose!


Move in any way possible

‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’ - Nelson Mandela. Endless studies prove that movement at the start of your day is so beneficial for your mind and body. Incorporating movement in whichever capacity brings you joy is a great way to kickstart your metabolism, boost your endorphins and make you feel invincible! Why not get out on the road for a run, roll out your yoga mat or head to the gym? Building movement into your daily routine makes every next task seem more manageable.

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