Guest - Taryn Williams - Skin tips for transitioning your skincare from summer to autumn…

Posted on August 24 2022

taryn on skincare

As the days get shorter and the weather turns colder there are a few changes that you can make to your skincare regime to protect your skin and hold on to that summer glow that we all love.

Some rules always apply:
1. Stay hydrated
2. Wear SPF

The good news is that warm herbal teas such as Chamomile & Hibiscus are a great alternative to drinking water, and provide some warmth and comfort in the colder months with added antioxidant benefits.

🌱 Wearing SPF is a must all year round, however, you could choose a lower SPF, if you’re not going to be outside much.
UVB levels are lower during winter months; UVB stimulates the production of Vitamin D, so I would recommend supplementing Vitamin D3 - I love to use ‘Rise & Shine’ from Bare Biology. Both omega 3’s & Vitamin D combined in to one supplement - both essential ingredients for good skin health.

Hydration & optimal barrier function is key during the colder months and this can sometimes be tested as the climates change.

With autumn comes central heating and a more dry atmosphere in the home. Skin has a tendency to become dry and perhaps even flakey.

🌱 I’d recommend introducing a serum underneath your moisturiser.
Serums are a concentrated blend of ingredients, delivered in smaller molecules to penetrate deeper in to the skin and they address specific concerns/issues.
So if your skin is feeling dry/dull/irritated - find a formula that works to treat the most prominent concern.

🌱 If you’re already using a serum, and your skin is still suffering, you could try adding a facial oil in to your regime. Just a few drops at night will help to nourish and soften the skin. Perhaps keep your Gua Sha by your bedside table and use it alongside the face oil to promote nutrient dense blood flow to the skin cells.
I developed my own Gua Sha tools to help keep your skin smooth & sculpted.

🌱 Choose a heavier moisturiser and looks for creams with ceramides. They are fatty acids that not only moisturise, but strengthen and protect the skin barrier too.

🌱 Choose a mild cleanser - it’s important not to strip away your skins natural lipid barrier and don’t exfoliate too much!

🌱 Consider professional skincare treatments at a clinic. For example, a course of Microneedling can work wonders for the skin and help to restore a youthful glow by stimulating new collagen production.
Even booking in for a facial massage will help to boost lymphatic drainage, increase blood circulation and oxygenate the skin.

Or you can do your own face massage using your favourite face oil. One of my favourite oils contains Prickly Pear, it helps to plump the skin. It’s called ‘Renew’ Night Oil by RELAXayVOO
If you need some guidance on how to massage your face, you can sign up to my ‘Taryn Williams Method’ virtual platform - here I share my tips & tricks to keep your skin lifted and toned.

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