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Posted on October 01 2019

Hello, for those of you who don’t already know, I’m Mary, ILU’s founder. I’m ever so grateful for every single one of you that have followed us for the past 4 years. And for those who are new to us, I wanted to take the opportunity to give you a warm welcome and tell you a little more about us.


How it all started... 

I didn’t start life in activewear, nor was I sporty or healthy at school or uni, sadly! I had actually been sporty and loved running, dance and ballet when I was younger, but then school exams and music took over, and that all stopped.

I studied oriental languages and history at university and then went to law college and trained as a solicitor. From there I went straight into the City, where I worked as a lawyer for many years – too many years. I used to work in the biggest law firms, advising the big banks on complicated financial deals (think credit crunch structures). The hours were long and despite trying to eat healthy food and go to the gym, the lack of sleep and the long stressful hours behind my desk took their toll and the pounds piled on.  

So what changed? Gradually the buzz and glamour of seeing my deals on the front pages of the papers faded and I began to crave a healthier lifestyle. I had some PT sessions, went on some yoga and fitness holidays and really caught the fitness bug. I became increasingly aware of the tension between health and my City lifestyle. Some personal events (my Dad died very suddenly) pushed me to start thinking how short life is and how important it is to do something you love. I started to think carefully about whether I wanted to work in the City until I retired.

I decided to take action and trained part-time as a PT, then started to look for a move into the health and fitness world. I saw that women in the gym - my clients, peers and new fitness community were crying out for a brand that was beautiful, functional, really great quality but not extremely expensive. And the rest, as they say, is history. Here's a little info about our beloved brand... 


About ILU and our activewear 

We make beautiful activewear. We make technical pieces for sweaty workouts and classes and soft, comfortable pieces for yoga, pilates and everyday.

Our signature look is seamless, modern, feminine and sophisticated.

Beautiful rich colours, reminding us of the sea, the sunrise, the sunset and the planets.

Contouring curved  lines, creating clever optical illusions to flatter us.

Thoughtful designs to support us and make us feel good. Ribbed, high waistbands, feminine strap details, carefully cut backs and mesh panels.

Beautifully made and at real price points.


What do we stand for?

We love being healthy, active and happy.

Fitness and yoga, walking the dog, healthy, delicious food.

But coffee, cake, wine and dessert too.

We love our modern home flooded with light and warmth and looking onto a green garden. And our dogs.


Our ethical promise

We believe in fair trade and ethical working practices. All of our garments are made in Europe, in factories we know, which adhere to the strict HR rules of the European Union.  

We respect the environment. Our factories follow the high standards of the EU on chemical use and disposal. Our carbon footprint is low. We are always looking to reduce our impact on the environment.


Our ILU community 

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. "Our ILU community means everything to me. They’re loyal, lovely, and make it all worthwhile! Thank you for coming on this journey with us, we can't wait to see where we end up." Mary Moran, ILU founder 


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