Entering Party Season (and how to keep moving)

Posted on December 05 2021

Your calendar is filling up, weekends are maybe packed full of plans, drinks here, dinner there… How to navigate this party season and avoid falling into a guilt-trap when it comes to keeping active? We have a couple of ideas below.


1/ The plan doesn’t have to go out the window, whether you are in a routine of classes/gym sessions, runs or swims. It is possible to make progress with whatever your fitness goals are, all it takes is planning. Sitting down (we like to on a Sunday morning) and visualising all the parts of your week that are fixed, it’s then easier to mould around your schedule some mindful movement. Remember that anything is better than nothing, your body will thank you for it and you’ll no doubt start 2022 feeling stronger than you did 2021.


2/ Worried about overindulging already? Here’s a tip. When you worry about something you suffer twice. Allow yourself some grace, some space to enjoy, and approaching this season with a more flexible approach to your nutrition (we like to think 80% of the time healthy and 20% indulgence but this can be your own) creates a balance that won’t leave you dreading ‘burning it all off’ at a later date tbc. It’s a delicious time of year, it’s a time to celebrate and to share with loved ones. If you’re training for a Spring event (hello marathon trainers) or have a schedule jam packed with parties, remembering to give your body the fuel it needs will help with recovery and energy to get through the season.


3/ Be realistic. And kind. Equally. Setting crazy high targets and expectations for your workouts this month is likely going to leave you chasing your tail, miserable in the process and resenting the whole plan altogether. Allow yourself life to happen. Your goals will be waiting for you when you have the time and energy, that being said, we know those that love a focus for December to pre-empt the ‘January reset button’. Be kind to yourself, celebrate anything you can achieve and perhaps take time to pause and reflect on how much you have done this year.

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