Dropping New Habits and Getting Back On Track

Posted on January 23 2022

3/4 of the way through January and it’s possible your motivation to stick to ‘X’ habit has slipped ever so slightly. You are not alone, you are not a failure, you deserve to take up the exact amount of space that you do, as you are right now.


Firstly - avoid saying ‘should have’ and replace with ‘could do’. The wording we use to describe our productivity, deemed successes or failures really paints a picture of our self-image. By swapping ‘should’ for ‘could’ it opens up the possibility that we always have the choice and the freedom to change our priorities for when life happens. ‘I should of eaten an apple and not that muffin’ becomes ‘I could of eaten an apple, maybe I’ll try that tomorrow’. Do you feel the energy shift?


Secondly - New Year, New Me = see ya’ never. We hate this idea that you need to reinvent yourself every January, and dread whatever challenge you’ve signed up to, only to berate yourself for (in your eyes) failing to match up to other’s standards and self control. It being a New Year shouldn’t come with the expectation of radical change. While it is wonderful to set goals for ourselves, be they personal, professional, fitness and wellbeing related (scroll back on our blog for our Vision Boarding thoughts), you can be kinder to yourself with the goals you have in mind, breaking them down into pit-stops that you can celebrate along the way.


Lastly - New starts can begin whenever you say so! Want to rescue your week and it’s Thursday? It’s not a write off. We can adapt, evolve and re-prioritise whenever we like or feel motivated to. Realising this releases you from the obligation to be outwardly going through change at this time of year. Inner work is just as important. Congratulate yourself for the effort you are putting in, know that a new start can begin when you say so.

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