Catching Running Fever

Posted on May 29 2022

catching running fever


Warmer days + longer daylight hours = more running possibility. But what if you’re starting out, or, perhaps revisiting your running after an injury? Here you’ll find some helpful tips to build regular running into your routine.


The famous Nike quote ‘yesterday you said tomorrow’ always sticks in my mind when I’m debating a run, so no matter where you are in your running journey, don’t put it off another day. There are some incredible apps to start or restart your running journey. I highly recommend NHS Couch to 5k for your gentle introduction to regular running.


If you run you are a runner, a 30-second run is still a run. But want to reduce your risk of injury, make those miles a little easier and celebrate what your body is capable of? Strength training is your best friend, dynamic stretching and building core strength will aid good posture, support your joints and reduce the fatigue often felt as you increase your distances. Some fantastic guides on Bulletproof Athletic are easily downloadable pdfs for building strength specifically to support your running journey!


Make it a form of self-care, an indulgence, a chance for you to get outdoors and soak up your surroundings. Stuck on a creative project or weighed down in spreadsheets? Raising your heart rate if only for 15 mins still counts as a run, and will offer a shift in focus, making space for solutions to become more visible. Experience the power of running, and its impact on your self-esteem.


Don’t sweat the metrics. Of course, ‘you can’t improve what you don’t measure’, and there are benefits to comparing your speed and heart rate, but it’s easy to get weighed down in performance and put intense pressure on your time. Having goals is a fantastic motivator to get running, but there is no such thing as a ‘bad run’, only learnings, lacking preparation or rushed warmups/cooldowns. Enjoy the freedom of being outside, a PB is a bonus!


Mixing up your run routes is great for your mind and body alike. New surroundings, a variety of terrain and incline all condition your body and will improve your fitness. Are there any routes nearby where you live, work or spend a lot of time? Could you run the commute? See your day-to-day locale as your playground to explore.

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