Ask Angie - how to get a 'fresh start' on YOUR terms

Posted on January 27 2023

Ask Angie

We ask Angie, PT and Founder of StudioBelle Fitness in Warminster, how to get the illusive fresh start, but on YOUR terms.

Q: I want to get on the January hype, am I too late?

Absolutely not! I often find lots of customers vow to get on the fitness train in January but it can be such a crazy month that they don't get going until February when life's a little less hectic.


Q: I’m keen to make my days more active, how can I build more movement into everyday life?

It's simpler than we think, a morning walk to work or to take the children to school, an evening stroll with friends, telling yourself you shouldn't sit down on that sofa till gone 7 when it's usually 5.30pm. Even a few flights of stairs every hour, it can all make a massive difference to your day and your week.


Q: Cardio first or strength first? (Big topic!)

Personally I'd always go Strength with a cardio finisher, it means I can focus on my Strength with plenty of fuel in the tank and finish on a big cardio buzz! But do what you love, if you find what works for you it will be easier to motivate yourself to do it.


Q: Any must - DON’Ts for starting out on a fitness journey?

Don't go out of the gates like a racehorse, they have one chance and you have 7 chances every week. I find the people who stay consistent are the ones who 'don't' aim too high too soon. If you've been doing no exercise for the last few months, a steady start back will help you stay consistent. Start with one session a week, when you're nailing that one, up it to two until you're hitting 3/4 sessions a week. Make sure you include some active recovery in so it's not all work and no play.

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