5 Pre-Class Rituals

Posted on September 21 2021

Studios are open, you’re all zoomed out, and you’re craving the pre-endorphin rush that carries you through the toughest of classes. In all the excitement of the aforementioned, you might (understandably) forget a few key things to get the absolute most out of the precious hour to yourself. This short list is here to jog your memory.


1/ Hydrate

The benefits of hydration really come into effect 1 hour after consuming, so chugging it back seconds before class will not only make you feel bloated and heavy, it really won’t help you in the immediate hour. Plan ahead by setting an alarm an hour before class starts and try to hydrate (you’ll also not have to duck out for the dreaded mid-class wee!) and feel the benefits at the peak of your class when you need it the most.


2/ Fresh face

Where possible, remove heavy makeup and spend a minute before class cleansing your face. This preps your skin for the barrage of sweat on it’s way, reduces the clogging in your pores, and also keeps you cooler, fresher and your post-class glow will be all the more radiant!


3/ Outfit on point

We might all agonise over outfits for the boardroom, but doing so for your workouts can have the ‘dress for success’ effect too. When you choose an outfit for your workout of choice, keep in mind the level of support you need and dress for the occasion - ie is it HIIT or a restorative yoga? Is it a circuits based class or perhaps a barre workout? If in doubt, layer it up with your sports bra being the focal point (on show or underneath!) as for many women this is the item that pulls it all together. We love the Front of Class Bundle which includes Crop, Leggings and Oversized Dance Sweat! Ideal for the class commute.


4/ Ride the pre-class rush

You’re 20% nervous, 20% terrified and 60% looking forward to the post-class bliss. But take a second, you made it to the studio/gym. You took the time out for yourself, you put your favourite set on and the hardest part of getting there is already done. Work/kids/outside world can wait. Now all there is to do is TO DO!


5/ Set an intention

Place a hand on your heart and inhale. You’re here and you can spend the next hour indulging in the self care you’ve craved all week. When you align your mind and body to the same goal (e.g feeling 1% better each time) you have a full body experience. You can choose your mindset for this hour, and by the time it’s over, you’ll wish you took more time at the beginning to savour every second.


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