3 Tips To Keep Hydrated In Winter

Posted on January 16 2022

You are 60% water. This we know, but how to keep hydrated throughout Winter to ensure better sleep, a healthy and functioning body and a bonus of great skin? Here are 3 tips to keep hydrated throughout winter, some ideas on giving your body an immunity boost and the best chance at fighting infection (not just the dreaded C).


1/ Hydration and nutrition

First, and we cannot stress this enough, hydrate before you caffeinate!

Good for you and the planet = reusable water bottle. Buy one now! An invaluable reminder to keep hydrated through a busy day, and reduce your plastic consumption by not buying bottled water (saves a lot of money too!). There are also tonnes of apps out there such as Hydro Coach, WaterMinder and Aqualert if you need prompting to keep topped up. Jazz up the water with fresh fruit to make it more interesting!

You can also pack a lot of water into your diet by eating a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. Aim for half a plate of at dinner time of water dense foods such as spinach, mushrooms, broccoli to sneak some hydration into your meal times. Immunity boost and extra hydration, thanks!


2/ Keep your skin hydrated

The drop in temperature, harsh weather conditions and super-drying air conditioning can play havoc with your skin. Give your skin a fighting chance during the winter months and invest in both a day and night moisturiser. For day, think about switching your full coverage foundation for a tinted moisturiser (even better if it’s packed with SPF!), and for night a hyaluaronic based moisturiser or night time oil that is both restorative to the skin barrier, and a super indulgent self-care ritual.

*Do not neglect your SPF even in Winter! The sun can still be harmful even on the grey days*


3/ Avoid energy drinks and sugary beverages

Once in a blue moon? Not so bad. But drinking high sugar beverages on a regular basis will actually only temporarily quench your thirst, and lead you to further dehydration due to the body’s response to the massive sugar rush. Try swapping your favourite fizzy drink with a sparkling water if you miss the fizz, and experiment with different fresh fruits to really feel satisfied. You’ll sleep better too!

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