3 Reasons To Love December That Don't Involve Christmas

Posted on December 12 2021

It’s all we can think, talk, spend and plan about right now, do we need to say what it is? But here are some reasons to love December that don’t specifically involve Christmas. Whether you celebrate or not, this list is here to remind you that there is joy to be found in this sparkly section of the year regardless.


1/ It’s a time to reflect and plan fresh starts

If you’re wrapping up work projects, on the home stretch of a fitness goal for 2021, or perhaps feeling reflective of the rollercoaster that has been navigating this year, try taking some time out in your December to celebrate what you have achieved and be genuinely proud of that. It’s not often we give ourselves credit or stop to look back on our successes, triumphs, and educational fails (there is no such thing as a straight-up fail).

We have a blog coming up all about setting intention for 2022 by using visualisation, vision boards and positive affirmations to help bring some focus into your New Year.

2/ Winter Nourishment

Bye bye salads. There is no place for you here. Winter is about hearty, packed-with-hidden-veg, batch cooked and enjoyed for days proper cooking. It’s a restorative time for your body, where working out will require more energy (if you’re working out outside you’ll need more fuel to keep warm), as it’s essential to eat a colourful rainbow throughout these winter months to stay immune from the dreaded December head-cold. If you are indulging in more Christmassy food and drinks, keeping yourself hydrated and that nourished with rainbow of food will help you to recover from said indulgence.

Riverford are the place to shop for seasonal organic veg to fuel your winter meal plans!

3/ The palpable potential for snow!! And the cosiness this ensues…

Living in the UK, we are - as everyone knows - obsessed by our weather. The ‘will we - won’t we get snow this year?’ can be heard in coffee shops from all over this island. Whether we will or won’t, nothing beats being cosy inside while a storm (snow or rain, we’ll take either) is blowing outside is one of the joys of this time of year. We’ve recently invested in a Nespresso Virtuo coffee machine (both Mary and Naomi) and so now not having to even leave the cosiness for a deliciously hot cup of coffee was a serious game changer. 




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