3 Mini Mind-Body Pampers

Posted on November 21 2021

In this whirlwind time of year it’s easy to get lost, lose your centre and forget the basics in keeping yourself topped up. Your time is precious, your presence is treasured and your tribe would (hopefully) understand your need for a pamper. The obvious mani-pedi, haircut or favourite facial are all wonderful ways of taking a longer pause, but how to keep yourself nourished throughout the day with a little self love? We’ve got some ideas…


1/ Affirmations  / mantras

How often do you speak positively to yourself, in an encouraging and compassionate way? The answer is likely not so often. As Glennon Doyle says : ‘We can do hard things’, which we come back to as a reminder of how much strength we have within. Reminding yourself that you are safe, loved, appreciated and that your effort matters, is key to practicing self-love (it’s not just for Sundays).


2/ Celebrating the little wins


We praise our colleagues, children and friends when they do a great job, so celebrate yours too! Did you have an especially good drive/commute to work today? Did you show kindness at your local coffee shop? Celebrating shouldn’t be saved for the ‘BIG WINS’, introducing this attitude of taking a moment to be grateful for the ‘little wins’ could have a huge impact on your enjoyment of your day.


3/ Reset with mindful movement / meditation


This doesn’t have to mean an intense HIIT workout, long run or Power Yoga class (but all of these are great options). Instead see your whole day as an opportunity to move mindfully, taking a moment while you’re out and about to be present, pausing for a breath or two, a lunch hour walk, a guided meditation, skipping the lift and taking the stairs (you’ll feel incredible and smug about this too).

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