3 Green Flags to Look Out for When Shopping 'Green'

Posted on April 19 2024


 What makes a purchase even more satisfying is knowing the brand you choose has integrity and honesty when it comes to how they make, ship and deliver to your doorstep. But how to find those brands in a sea of marketing claims with little substance? Earth Day is around the corner (22nd April) and with that in mind, here are 3 things to check for before you hit purchase.



Look beyond the big organic label. Organic fabrics are not what it's all about, is the whole process chemical-free? Factor in the potentially toxic dyes used in production, as well as additional treatments, and you may end up with a very green-seeming product that is anything but. AKA Greenwashing.



 Read the label carefully, 'Made in UK' doesn't necessarily mean this. In reality, it may be designed in the UK and produced in far-flung countries such as China, Vietnam or India. ILU produces in Portugal and we land-deliver our items to minimise our carbon footprint.



 We love a bargain in a cost-of-living crisis, but some things are really too cheap to be true. Fast fashion is intrinsically linked to unsafe and unfair working conditions. We believe beautiful activewear should also be ethical, which is why we produce in factories that take care of their workers' wellbeing.


We made a whole new category for some products we made a little too much of but want you to be able to enjoy at a lower price. Shop Yours for Less and invest in Slow Fashion made for longevity, not landfill.

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