3 benefits of a regular yoga practice - Q&A with Amy Aloia

Posted on March 20 2022

3 benefits of a regular yoga practice

Are you interested in beginning or restarting your yoga practice? It can be daunting to know where to start. Here we talk to wonderful local (South West London) teacher and ILU Ambassador Amy Aloia about some of the many benefits in building a regular practice, including where to start and what to be mindful of.


Q : Hi Amy, what would you say are the main obstacles or FAQs for people starting out their yoga practice? 

A : The main obstacles I see for people starting their yoga practice are usually centred around not knowing where to begin, and the fear that surrounds that; Whether it be worry about an injury, or just fear of the unknown!

It can be really daunting setting foot in a studio space and feeling like everyone else knows what they're doing, (trust me, no one knows everything) so I always think it's worth telling your teacher that you're new to the practice. That way they can adapt how they cue movements to be more accessible. 

We also need to remove the shame we pile on to being a beginner. Being a beginner is the perfect mindset for a yoga practice! No matter how long you've practiced for, there should always be a sense of curiosity and exploration. That's the fun part! 


Q : How has yoga positively impacted your own day-to-day life?

A : Yoga has impacted my daily life off the mat hugely. I naturally lean in to being busy, and tend to try and spin all of the plates! My practice has helped me become a little more patient with myself, and helped bring about a little more focus. I try to not say yes to things that don't resonate now, and my practice has played a huge part in that. 


Q : What advice would you give to yourself as a newcomer to yoga?

A : If I was to give myself advice as a newcomer back when I first started, it's to enjoy the journey. I don't think having a goal is a bad thing, but it's easy to get hung up on the idea of 'achieving' in your practice. Sure, arm balances and tricky transitions are fun, but enjoy the process of getting there. Treating each time you're on your mat as if you were a beginner means more exploration, more humility, and more play, which is always a good thing!


BONUS Q : Where can we find and access your teaching?

A : If you're new to the practice and find studios a little intimidating, I run an online platform, Breathe Studio. We have over a hundred pre-recorded classes, ranging from complete beginners to classes for more experienced students, and also teach five live classes each week for you to join. Head to to find out more! 

If you want to come to class in person, I teach all around SW, and also for Yogafit Retreats in Ibiza twice a year. Feel free to send me an email or drop me a message for more information! 




Insta: @amyloupyoga +

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