10 easy ways to go vegan

Posted on October 28 2018

November is World Vegan Month and if you’re interested in taking steps to have a more vegan lifestyle, or even go full vegan then check out these 10 easy ways to go vegan.

There are many reasons for considering a vegan lifestyle, not least the buzz around it thanks to the legion of celebs following a vegan diet – Queen Bey is a fan you know! But switching to a vegan diet can be tough no matter how devoted you are; after all, cutting out a whole host of food is a huge lifestyle change.

From building a new recipe book collection to switching up ingredients, these 10 easy ways to go vegan will keep your meals fun and your mind inspired.

Easy ways to go vegan

Start with small changes
Many people assume that when they start a vegan diet, they must give up everything all at once. While the move may be admirable, you may be setting yourself up to fail. Instead of going all out, try giving up one thing a month (one type of meat, one type of dairy) to ease yourself into the transition. Everyone is different and may need more time – and that’s totally fine!

Eat a rainbow
You’ve probably heard of this one already, but over time you’ll realise that a plate with all the colours of the rainbow on is a lot more satisfying and rewarding than a plate of brown and beige. Plus, swapping vegetables in while cutting out meat will make the transition a whole lot smoother.

Milk it
Many of those who dip in and out of veganism have found themselves sticking to non-dairy milk – it’s one of the easiest swaps you can make. It may be a lot less creamy at first, but you soon get used to the lightness of nut, soya, oat or rice milks. Plus, you can still get the chocolate variety. Yum!

Swot up
A common mistake made when taking up a vegan diet is going in blind, which is essentially the case if you don’t do your research. Cutting out meat, dairy and more means that you need to understand where else you can obtain the right nutrients. Arm yourself with this information and you’ll soon find shopping (and label-reading) a breeze.

One a day
You may already do this, but having a fresh veg-based juice a day will become all the more crucial on a vegan diet. It serves as your daily dose of vital vitamins and minerals, helping you start your day fresh and invigorated (while also helping with bowel movements!). Keep it interesting by changing the fruit and veg colours daily (e.g. greens, berries etc.).

Plan ahead
Although there are more and more amazing vegan options, from restaurants to grab-and-go takeouts; eating vegan while out and about can be tricky. The key is to plan ahead. Make time to batch cook meals and make vegan snacks at home and always have something to hand in your bag for when the munchies strike.

Snack smart
The right snacks will also be a big help when it comes to staving off the cravings. Before the health and food industry boomed, it was carrots and hummus. Now, you have the luxury of choosing from protein balls, coconut chips, on-the-go peanut butter sachets (don’t laugh, it’s a handbag essential guys), and loads more!

New collection
You can find a gazillion vegan recipes online (and this will come in handy when you’re looking for something specific), but it helps to have one or two trusty cookbooks in your possession too. It can make all the difference to your level of motivation when you’ve got a book with beautiful pictures of what you could be making for dinner. Just make sure you have a flick-through them and see if the recipes work for you before you buy.

Stay inspired

If you haven’t already watched a documentary on going vegan or the effects of animal farming, we highly recommend it. Depending on the documentary, the content can be shocking – but it can be extremely educational and inspiring. It also comes in really handy when others ask you why and how you’re going vegan.

One a week
Last but not least, you can also stay inspired by trying one new vegan dish or product a week. Whether it’s an exotic vegetable you’ve never tried before, or a dish you’ve discovered, trying something new once a week will not only help to build your wealth of knowledge in new ingredients, but it will also expand your culinary skills. Who’s winning now?

To find out more, check out the Vegan Society.

Photo by Pille-Riin Priske on Unsplash

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