Agent Terms and Conditions

The General terms below set out the contract between us and supersedes any previous communication between us.

Commission Structure

  • You will receive by return a unique ilu code identifying you as an ilu agent.
  • You will be credited with 10% of the retail price of each direct web sale generated by you.
  • You will be credited with 5% of the retail price of each indirect web sale generated by you.
  • Each customer introduced by an ilu agent receives 20% off all items in his/her first order (not to be used in conjunction with any other offer)
  • Direct web sales means sales of ilu Fitwear from customers whom you have introduced directly
  • Indirect web sales means sales of ilu Fitwear from customers introduced by other ilu agents whom you have introduced to ilu.
  • Retail price means the price actually paid by the customer for the item, net of any applicable discount (such as the initial 20% discount) and delivery charge.

Introducing new agents

  • You may introduce any number of potential ilu agents to ilu
  • Ilu accepts new ilu agents at its sole discretion following your introduction
  • Once a new ilu agent introduced by you is accepted, you will be credited with the indirect web sale commission for each sale achieved through the new agent

Payment terms

  • Commission is paid monthly on accrued commission. Cheques will be sent by second class post on or around 25th of each month (or if 25th is not a London business day, the following London business day), to the postal address provided by you. Ilu reserves the right not to reissue cheques where an incorrect address has been provided to ilu. You must notify ilu in writing by email, to dani@ilufitwear.com if your postal address changes and allow 2 weeks for the change to become effective in ilu’s systems.
  • Commissions for each sale are credited on the first London business day following the expiry of the returns period for the item.
  • For commission to be credited, the customer must input when prompted your unique ilu code (for direct websales) or the unique ilu code for the agent introduced by you (for indirect websales). Ilu reserves the right not to pay commission where the code has not been inputted or has been inputted incorrectly by the customer.

Commission levels during the month

You will be able to review the commission you have accrued at any time by logging into the ilufitwear website. The access details will be provided to you within 5 London business days of the date of this letter.


  • Ilu reserves the right to terminate this arrangement at any time without notice if it reasonably believes that you have, or will, bring ilu into disrepute or damage its name or image. Ilu reserves the right not to pay any accrued but unpaid commission in such circumstances.
  • Ilu also reserves the right to terminate without notice the contract between it and any ilu agent whom you have introduced if ilu reasonably believes that such agent has, or will, bring ilu into disrepute. Ilu has no obligation to notify you if it does so.  Ilu reserves the right not to pay any accrued but unpaid commission relating to such agent in such circumstances.


  • Ilu will provide you with support and information on ilu and www.ilufitwear.com, to enable you to promote it and to generate sales. You acknowledge that this information is confidential and confirm that you will not disclose it to third parties unless you have prior written consent from ilu or are required to disclose it by law. We are happy for you to disclose the information to potential ilu agents, provided that they also give written confirmation in the form of this paragraph that they will respect its confidentiality.
  • You confirm that you have the right to work and live in the UK.
  • You and we confirm and agree that you are not an employee of Ilu.
  • Ilu reserves the right to change the terms on which it works with agents from time to time in its discretion. You are deemed to accept any such changes, and this letter will be deemed to have been amended accordingly upon such changes coming into effect. Ilu will notify agents of any changes by email.
  • You have provided your postal and email address to ilu. Ilu may use such details for marketing and promotional correspondence as well as communication relating to this arrangement, but will not pass on such details to any third party.

Governing law and jurisdiction

  • This letter is governed by English law and we agree that proceedings in respect of it may only be brought in the English courts.
  • A person who is not party to this letter has no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 (as amended) to enforce any of its terms.